Dark Stars Book Volume 1 on sale!

Our Official photo book. After countless hours of work we are proud to let everyone know they can purchase our beautifully rendered photography book. The book is 72 pages in fixed width digital format. We have made the price low enough everyone can have the Volume 1 collection. If you like our work please support us by getting this amazing book.

Dark Stars Photography - Christopher Hutchison & Joanna Bylo

Full Description

A photography book by Dark Stars Photography. One of the most influential photography outlets located in Vancouver BC Canada. This book is dedicated to Sci-Fi Fanatics, Gamers, Cosplayers, and Fairy Tale lovers new and old.

A little about Dark Stars Photography:
Two creators, two minds alike, a young couple who set out to make a footprint in the world of fashion and modeling.  Having succeeded to a very large underground audience, their visions have become intoxicating for fans. Starting in 2007 they always had a love for some of the most iconic genres, with science fiction being the most influential. With inspiration from popular movies, video games, comic books, vintage B films, and science fiction artist’s they incorporated all into one medium.  They became known as a power house couple; hair styling,  makeup, photography, creating their own designed and handmade clothes, crafting props, and making 3D renders with popular programs and “mish mashing” it up into one.

By purchasing this book you are investing in Dark Stars Photography’s future endeavours and helping them to expand their business for others to enjoy. You are the fan giving direction and helping a team travel to destinations where they are able to work with those that want the opportunity to work with Dark Stars Photography.

Simulated Preview


What kind of book is this?

This is a book that contains a collection of images from Dark Stars Photography over the past 2 years. Some of our bigger projects, travels, on going projects and publications. It is also a goal for us to help promote certain artists and models we have worked with to reach a larger audience.


Where is this book sold?

This book is digitally sold on the iBookstore. We will be adding it to more online stores in the future.


I was featured in the book?

If you are featured in this book you are one of the lucky ones that gets a spot as a model advertised to an amazing fanbase. This is quite the booster if you are looking to pursue a modeling career, your Social Media pages have been linked as well.

As license holders and owners of the images published, we felt these photos were the most appropriate for the book.


What is Dark Stars Photography doing with the purchases?

We will be using the fund for travel, equipment and advertisements, so when purchases are made of this book you are really helping the team reach into a wider audience.

It will also help us to purchase advertisement in local areas to help keep Dark Stars Photography busy and most importantly alive!


Will Dark Stars Photography be planning on releasing future books?

We do have future projects being considered. Possibly another volume or a series of photographic graphic novels. There is also the possibility of releasing tutorial books in the future.

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