DS in 2013!!!

What’s new for the world of Dark Stars Photography in 2013?

1. -No Sale Policy

Yes we have decided to suspend sales throughout the year; we decided that it wasn’t worth our time to offer our creativity so cheaply, what we will be offering are payment plans, and deposits months ahead of time. We still may have sales but they will be very limited and literally on a 2 week booking period. We still also accept PayPal.


2. New Themes

Our New York Published “Cirkiss” theme is available
As well as our bright and colourful unlimited outfit theme “80’s
We also are introducing our “Polaroid story board theme”

3– A much darker touch

We will be going back to our roots with some of our newer photo sets, be ready for more controversial, disturbing Dark Stars delightfulness.


4.- A new Photo Graphic Novel
A super EPIC! Photo graphic Novel is already in the works and will be released by summer 2013

5.-  “Competitious”

A show that Photographer Chris Hutchison, and Makeup Artist Joanna Bylo will compete in ridiculous competitions.  

Special appearances from previous models. Summer 2013.

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