Joey Stylez

This was the photo shoot for Canadian musician Joey Stylez. We had only a little bit of time to come up with a concept. So we decided to go with ” the last man standing” for this concept I decided that I wanted it to look like the world was just set a blazed. Almost as if he was right there when the chaos started and he was the sole survivor collecting his thoughts. I look forward to working with Mr.Milkman again lol.
check out his myspace page here


Our latest and greatest photo session with the one and only Dani, check her out in the upcoming Alice TV series as a flamingo dancer. Looks awesome, and check her out in the upcoming “Supernatural” episode back to the future 2.


Kendra Cadyn is back. Now in another Sci Fi photo shoot.

Zero Suit Pt.1

This is our version of Samus Aran from of course a popular Nintendo© game. Samus Aran is in fact one of the first female characters in any video game. And when recently released the new costume underneath her battle suit everyone went nuts for it. This was a photo shoot I always wanted  to tackle and be apart  of. So of course we did it. We contacted a company in China

“Catfish Latex”  and then placed a custom order for this costume, sure enough after it was made it showed up and was just a stunning suit. The set took us roughly a day to fully complete lots of spray  paint , plastic and lights. In all this is my favorite sci fi photo shoot we have done , and comming soon is the second part with the amazing Samantha Whitfield. 

And oh yeah, Welcome back Emma!!!!!

For those of you wondering about the set , it was all hand made none of it is digital, it was made with scrap wood to make a U shaped console  , then took alot of junk to make , old scrap parts, keyboards, broken screens, old jars, tubes ect. It actually didnt take us much time to assemble . 



Our May Contest winner Amy did the role of another one of Top Cow comics©  popular characters Fathom , The outfit was made of latex, but my glueing skills are not the greatest so …well im sure you can guess what happened. In all it was glad to have her onboard for this project. She makes living underwater beautiful.

Top Cow Comic books© is a copywritten franchise we do not work for them nor do we represent them, this photo shoot was our own mash up based loosely from one of there comic book characters. Inspired as you will.

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