Mass Effect “Miranda Lawson”

Here is ‘our oh so’ popular shoot based off of a Mass Effect character Miranda Lawson. We reposted this because of the popularity and high demand of the photo shoot. The photo shoot gained a whopping 240 000 views on popular gaming site “Kotaku” and ended up on hundreds of various websites. Polish model Jessika F delivered and is ready to start the upcoming collection Avant-Afi. Check the post above to see.

These prints are available in our store among various previous photo shoots.
Please click here to go to the prints page, if your a fan of Mass Effect you will love these prints.

(Mass Effect is a copy written franchise from Bioware games, and EA games. We do not represent, or have affiliation with either of these companies)
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Wonder Woman in Wonder Woman

In celebration of the MAC Cosmetics Wonder Woman release we decided to do our own inspired retro Wonder Woman wearing the MAC products. This was literally a last minute photo shoot we drove out to a fabric store that was open late and had the outfit finished the next day. Staying up late and sewing none stop is not fun especially when you have a bad ass ear infection.

In all i think it turned out fairly close to the illustrated version of Wonder Woman on the collectible boxes.

Be sure to check out our product review for the Wonder Woman MAC Cosmetics launch
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Playa Del Carmen, Mexico

So we recently took a trip to Mexico for a wedding. And during our stay we got the chance to hook up with a modeling agency located in Playa Del Carmen. Unfortunately there website is temporarily down but i will have it up once they get it functional again. There humbleness was staggering and was a refreshing vibe. The hotel we shot at was the “Reina Roja” located on 5th street in Playa Del Carmen (the main strip for shopping). After getting a 3 hour tattoo at the Vida Loca tattoo Shop it was off to a long night of shooting , but let me tell you none of these girls needed direction, as the main premise of every shoot is to have fun. Overall had a blast, met new friends , and now have worked in Mexico with an amazing agency. For those international viewers of ours we will be trying to figure out a way to post travel notices.
Next destinations are, New York, Toronto, Brazil, Beverly Hills, Calgary and a few more.

For those of you traveling to Mexico and looking for a unique or high end hotel, you gotta stay at where we shot. One of the most modern and edgy hotels to be seen.[nggallery id=3]

Alice was always a little odd when you think about it.

Alice was always a little odd when you think about it. A young girl who was cast out to a world without knowledge of origin, so why didn’t Alice snap? because she wasn’t Nicki of course. We wanted to show a different side of Alice somebody who wanted to burn and forget where she was, to cause chaos without the punishment. After all Wonderland had no rules right?
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Miranda Lawson

Here it is our next video game themed photo shoot. Miranda Lawson from Mass Effect 2. Created by Bioware and EA games. If you haven’t played this game yet you are totally missing out. By far one of the best next gen games. For this photo shoot we instantly fell in love with the badass , perfectly constructed character Miranda. For the shoot itself we wanted to go with the desolate feel that some of the colonies from the game had. We will have more up fairly soon.

Mass effect is a copy written franchise from Bioware , and EA games. We do not represent or are represented by either companies. This is our variation of a character featured from the game. The Omni Tool , Mech, Cerberus logo and Geth Jumper are also materials used in game and cannot be resold or purchased from this website. Only showcased.


Here we have Karli doing a vintage Pin up style photo shoot. These are always fun to do because the end result can be changed in so many ways when doing just color correction alone. I have always found the key to getting the more authentic look is always up to the model. Whether or not she can deliver a authentic “Cheesecake” look. Here at DS we never took the modern day approach for pin up (tattoos all over the body, bright backgrounds) we always wanted to do the real look. But what can I say it’s easy to only want to do the authentic when Chris’ grandmother was a real pin up model from the 1960’s

Ashleigh Star

Check out our interview with Ashleigh Star during our stay in Beverly Hills.

DS: First off it was a pleasure to work with you, and somebody of your status. Thank you for giving us the time to work with you and interview you.

Ashleigh: No thank you for awesome pics and being so cool

DS: You were Vancouver born and moved to California at a young age, why? Is there anything you miss out here?

Ashleigh: I lived in Van between 2-16 and I moved because I needed to get away from the rain ha ha. I’ve been gone for so long I can’t really think of anything I miss.

DS: What do you like most about California, and how does it benefit media careers?

Ashleigh: Weather is awesome and so many things to do it really is the place to be if you want to be in acting or even modeling to some extent but Vancouver is nicknamed Hollywood north so it’s not really that bad up there is it?

DS: When you first started your modeling and acting career what was the most crucial step you had to take to achieve your goals. And what originally were your goals?

Ashleigh: Everything just kind of fell into place I didn’t really take any steps, it’s a lot about meeting people and networking in the beginning. My goals originally were acting but modeling is far easier to book gigs so I keep getting off track LOL.

DS: When we did your photo shoot you literally just walked off the set of the TV show “Entourage”. You must be very motivated to keep going . What’s your motivation?

Ashleigh: I’m actually a highly unmotivated individual, ha ha but it always seems like I’m over booked I don’t know how? But I knew I was not going to let an opportunity to shoot with you slip by.

DS: Give me a list of your strongest publications, acting roles, modeling ect.

Ashleigh: I’ve been in numerous Playboy publications,cover of guitar world numerous car and bike magazines I’m in the current edition of American Curves presents lingerie. I had a small part in Iron Man 1 I’ve had parts on numerous tv shows appeared on WWE I am on a current wrestling show called wrestlicous and have had numerous lingerie contracts.

DS: Is there something you would like younger aspiring models/actresses to know? Secrets, Wisdom, Pointers.

Ashleigh: Yes do your homework first google every single thing you can when someone contacts you for a job or casting to make sure it’s legit so you don’t end up wasting your time.

DS: Are there any specific actors or celebrities you want to work with?

Ashleigh: I would love to play Reese Witherspoons friend in something and be in any movie with Vincent Gallo

DS: According to Peter Griffin from family guy “Bird is the word” Is it?

Ashleigh: Well, everybody knows that bird is the word, A well a, bird, bird, b-bird’s the word A well a……………

DS: Favourite fashion designer? Movie? Music?

Ashleigh: Los Angeles designer mechanical ash and Alexander Mcqueen (RIP) favorite movie is the Hang Over, Marilyn Manson or Bullet for my Valentine for music

DS: What’s a perfect or typical day for your Ashleigh Star?

Ashleigh: Get up go hiking, check email, get ready for auditions or jobs hopefully be home in time for dinner, then either go to some event I promised someone or chill and study lines for the next day

DS: So when you come out to Vancouver to visit what creations shall we create? Of course if you have time lol.

Ashleigh: Either I’d like to do something creepy or I like the victorian look you did with Tammy Lashelle, she’s a cool chick or pin up or whatever cause you rock!

DS: Here is a tricky question.. Why are you so shy? Generally people in this profession are fairly out-going or over the top.

Ashleigh: Funny LOL I’m not usually shy, I was tired and I didn’t have any red bull that day LOL

DS: It was great interviewing you and shooting with you on that hectic day . Are there any last minute questions you have for us

Ashleigh: Yes when are you coming back, The answer better be pronto!!! I have a cool place I want to shoot but I’m saving it for you but you will have to hurry before it get’s bulldozed and turned into condos or something LOL.

For those of you who don’t know Ashleigh Star, she is a very successful Model located in Beverly Hills. We had the chance to work with the talented model/actress. Check back in the future for other featured photo shoots of Ashleigh Star.

Tammy lashelle

Here is Beverly Hills model Tammy Lashelle. Professional Glamour model, recently published in American Curves magazines and basically every other magazine you can think of. For this photo shoot she wanted something she didnt really have, so it was a victorian theme that we went with. And packing a full victorian gown in your suitcase is not easy. We look forward to working with Tammy again during our next stay in LA.

The future of Hilton

The future of Hilton is here. And its more high tech then ever. Now you can buy the simplest projection companion. Saves you time in dangerous situations, scoping out the scene, or just making a quick guest appearance. Don’t be a regular human being, be a hologram. Now if life were that great? or not. Either way check out of photos of Hilton. They were very fun photos to do some crazy visuals on.

Nightmare Before Christmas

Here is our Nightmare before Christmas photo shoot. Finally, after about a good year in planning, preparation and figuring out the costume design we made it happen. When we first originally started this project we said we couldn’t recreate Jack. We needed to think of a new concept because in all honesty how do you live up to Jack? The idea we had for this shoot was a younger couple that was just hanging out in this world this dark, nightmarish world. We couldn’t really recreate the hole world of the original feature so we said “If this was real I’m guessing it would be pretty gross, almost so plain and weird but at the same time twisted.” Then we played on that word Twisted is what we want, if your living in a world where everything is dead it would be disturbing and twisted right? Not butterflies and bunnies.
Now for those of you who are wondering what our next biggest shoot will be, here’s a clue “Be my Guest….. “

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