Das Third Reich

This photo shoot was no way intended to glamorize a point in time where people could be so dark and cruel, they hung a black curtain over the world I would also like to mention that I believe strongly that Art has no limits . You see, it was intended to point out the “Intimidation of a uniform” that when you see an outfit like this it automatically sends that impulse to the brain “that intimidation, that horror.” During high school I became infatuated with the first and second World Wars. Flipping through various history books I always stopped on “The Third Reich” I was always fascinated by their image, the way they presented themselves, spoke, walked, their uniforms, symbolism, technology, there strict way of life with one another ect. I always had questions bearing in mind but could not ask.

These questions could never be answered and were strictly answered in Hollywood, independent films, graphic novels and comic books. A veteran would never answer the hells that they had endured for those of us who never experience such pain (which is understandable)

I wanted to recreate not a horrible point in time, but the signal that is sent to your brain. Just from a uniform, that cold chill whenever I would flip through a text book and study the images. I hate the glamorization that it has turned into , trashy women and men wearing SS glitzed uniforms and accessories. Its an insult for those that fought for our countries and where we are today.
Both models are of races that were deeply effected during the second world war a Guyanese model and a Jewish model

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Alice Darling

Alice at the Ayres hotel. Destruction never looked so pretty

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Julie Bolene

Glamor model Julie Bolene shot at the SLS in Beverly Hills.
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Ashleigh Star

Our Second photo shoot with the notorious Ashleigh Star/ Lana Kinnear Shot at the newly renovated Custom Hotel.
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Ashley Chase

High fashion model Ashley Chase shot on the roof top of the SLS hotel in beverly hills.
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High fashion model Ali shot at the SLS in Beverly Hills
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The many faces of Snow White

Photo shoot with Misty Rose at the SLS in Beverly Hills . This is what happens when you do a photo shoot to late with a good friend and cant focus .
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Arielle Lipscomb

High Fashion model Arielle Lipscomb shot with Avant-Afi fashion collection. Shot at the SLS in Beverly Hills .

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Crissy Henderson

Here is Crissy Henderson featured in Avant-Afi . Shot at the SLS in Beverly Hills


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Xanthia Pink

Marquis model and fetish model Xanthia Pink during our stay in Beverly Hills. Shot at the SLS hotel
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